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Derby winners from the past

Derby winners from the past

Moral Standards

Moral standards the 1994 derby winner

Next to this writing is a picture of moral standards . The greyhound that fort it's way through to win the 1994  William Greyhound Derby .Most that was ever said about this dog in the united kingdom was in 1994 . Having watched the whole of the 1994 derby myself I know that this dog was pure class . Being born only 13 days before my birthday and I am telling the truth here but Moral standards derby was my the best I have ever seen . The dog was born in Ireland in 1992 . So when he won the derby himself he was only two years old . I have been reasearching this dog for a few years and I have found it difficult to find information about him . He came over a few months before the derby to give himself a build up to the big race . He had a race at shawfield in may . He came fifth to Droopys sandy who broke the track record in that race . I don't have an exact record of how this dog went in the Derby but it was cleasr he had class . In morals derby field he faced dogs as classy as Ayr Flyer , Moaning Lad , At The Junction , Flag The Fawn and Callahow Daily . Moral ran the race like a true star and won well by 1 1/4 lenghts and clocked a time of 28.59  quite speedy i would say . The full order of finish was :
2nd Ayr Flyer
3rd Moaning Lad
4th At The Junction
5th Flag The Fawn
6th Callahow daily
He had one more race and went back to Ireland and in that race he finished in fourth place . I don't really know what happened in the rest of moral Standards rcing carreer . But when he finished racing he did go to stud . At stud he had a total of 408 known offspring . His top offspring was bubbly princess . Winner of the Golden Jacket and other open races . Sadly in february 2004 Moral Standards passed away we will always remmember him as a great and speedy derby dog .

a picture of moaning lad 1995 greyhounhd derby winner

Beside this writing is a picture of Moaning Lad . The dog led himself to enter two of the most amazing derby's wimbeldon has ever seen . Moaning Lad is a lovely fawn coloured male dog like most derby winners he was bred in Ireland . He was born on the 22nd of april 1992 . The person to thank for this dogs great sucess i his breeder John Creelman . His sire Kyle Jack had derby class in him himself he won the Irish derby final now known as the paddy power irish greyhound derby . His dam Lady Bellamy has no known races she only had onbe very sucessfull offspring and that is moaning  lad . So lets face it this dog had the breeding side to becoming a good dog . The first classy act this dog put on was the 1994 british greyhound derby . Moaning Lad didn't win that particular race that was won by moral standards poor Moaning Lad came 3rd in that race . (If you want to see full result look at moral standards ) So I suppose you will think the stiry end here but it doesn't he missed out on one derby why not try again . And well moaning lad's owner Linda Joseph went back to wimbledon the next year for the 1995 greyhound derby . But in between the two derbys there was another race that often gets forgotten about . Moaning Lad went backk to wimbledon for the english Laurels . unfortunaetly on this occasion Moaning Lad didn't win . He came fifth the winner of that race was eventually deanside dean . So here we come to the biggest race of Moaning Lads carreer the 1995 English greuyhound derby . Again I was unable to get hold of Lads 1995 derby record . The contestants in this particular derby the runners were of course Moaning Lad , Heres Seanie ,Mustang Joe , Pearls Girl , Curryhills Fancy and Summer hill Joy . That again was a classic moment in brish rascing history . But Lad won 1/2 a length and clocked 28.66 . The full order of finish was :
2nd Summerhill Joy
3rd Curryhills Fancy
4th Pearls Girl
5th Mustang Joe
6th Heres Seanie
Again I am not sure what happened in the rest of Moaning Lads racing carreer but he did go to stud . His top offspring is Call Me Liam winner of many open races . As far as I know Moaning Lad is still standing at stud with Paul Hennesy . We will always remmember this truly magical derby win by Moaning Lad .

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Shanless Slippy the 1996 greyhound derby Winner

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